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Quilter's Paradise Logo

Competition: #796
Client: iremkus
Open: 18 October 2009
Close: 01 November 2009


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... sanjika


The Brief


Quilter’s Paradise of Westchester NY is an online only retailer of Quilting Fabrics, Notions, Books, Patterns, Kits and Batting. We have over 5000 bolts of fabric, and ship to customers worldwide. Our website was one of the pioneer Quilt Shops on the web! Quilter’s Paradise started as a vendor at quilting shows and a store in Watermill, NY in 1995, and in 2001 the website was started. Our current logo can be viewed on our homepage www.quiltersparadiseonline.com.

I recently purchased Quilter’s Paradise, and as the new owner I am looking to update the site, and the logo as well. The new logo should be classy enough to be the cover of a notecard, and have a quilting theme to it, but also should have a more modern edge to it appropriate for online use. I’d like the colors to gear towards a more classic quilting pallet, nothing too bright.

The logo will be used on the website, business cards, note cards, return address labels, and perhaps stickers to close packages / adhere ribbon. I’d prefer not to include any purple, but all other colors I’m open too. Quilter’s Paradise is a “paradise” for quilters in that includes everything you need to create beautiful quilts, available at your fingertips 24-7 with secure online ordering….. I say this because I’m not interested in designs with palm trees and such. Our blog has a bake shop feel as Quilter’s Paradise Cafe, and we package some of our kits in pink bakery boxes.

I’m very interested to see what all of the designers do with this! Please feel free to email me with any questions.

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I’ve been asked a few questions about my logo by one of the designers, and I feel it’s only fair to give the same information to everyone…. Here are some more details:

I’d prefer the name Quilter’s Paradise on the logo, not the initials QP. No one knows us by our initials, and we are a 15 year old company, with a reputation. I’m debating also adding to our name and calling ourselves Quilter’s Paradise Online. Right now there are several quilter’s paradise sites on the web. Our’s is an online only site, and I’d like to get that across somehow and subtly in the design.

I’d like the font to be more delicate then strong. You can use as many colors as you’d like, but keep in mind in quilting we use a color pallet. Lots of different fabric patterns all with similiar hues that work well together. As far as the background i’d prefer it NOT be white and not purple, any other color is fine. I like the colors in our current logo very much, and could see a new logo in similiar tones. Not too bright. I would also be interested in seeing designs in soft pastels. Very feminine pinks, blues and yellows. Keeping in mind of course how the colors will translate on the web.

As far as other company’s logos do like include: fat quarter shop logo www.fatquartershop.com, and fatquarterquilters.com. Our logo should be VERY FEMININE. And i’d prefer it to be complex. The current logo calls to mind applique patterns, which I love. Bunny Hill Designs has some incredible appliques in a color way that I love, soft pastels. http://bunnyhilldesigns.com/dynamic/?page=Welcome

The logo should also be more colorful then grey, more quiet then loud, more necessity then luxury, more classic then modern, more commonplace then exotic, and more elegant then sport.

Hope this helps! Thanks again for participating!

2009-10-18 17:48:20 UTC


I was talking to a friend, and we wondered if it would be possible to design the logo so that Quilter’s Paradise Online appeared actually quilted into the patchwork. What do you think? Could the font look like stitches on top of a patchwork quilt? I’d love it if someone could try that! Thanks!

2009-10-21 18:52:03 UTC


Paid (#06X…….HC3109042) JV

2009-11-25 01:29:25 UTC