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Katrina Wheeler Photography

Competition: #882
Client: katrinawheeler
Open: 30 January 2010
Close: 15 April 2010


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... jrodi


The Brief

I would like a logo that is recognizable, stylish, memorable, classic. Able to be used on all types of marketing pieces, such as brochures, cards, images, blogs, websites, slideshows.

Target Audience is Weddings, Brides, Medium to High End Cliental base, fashionable is a must.
Some of the words in my head are; Retro, Vintage, couture

I want them to be able to connect myself, wedding photography and capturing moments to the logo.

Colors I like are Turquoise, Pink, Brown. I also like the combination of turquoise and white. Not sure if the colors go together, would like to see ideas of each, It also must be able to stand alone as a black and white.
Not too busy with lots of variables.
Must be able to build a brand around this logo.

If Possible I’d like to be able to use similar branding for a sub company for Seniors. Maybe a slogan “Weddings” or “Seniors” but that sounds goofy, basically I want to do one thing for weddings and one thing for seniors but keep branding similar to maintain consistency of me being the same, just the genre of photography changes…

My current website is www.katrinawheeler.com I am going to be doing a complete overhaul and getting custom website/blog and want to rebrand myself. I have moved into a new market and want to target medium income level couples. I would like to target women of ages 20-35.

My style is all about capturing that moment, not creating the moment, I want the viewer to feel a connection to me through my logo, when seeing it they know it is me. I like Black and white classic photography as well as fully saturated color images. I like to soften slightly and have sharp details such as eyes etc.

I am really into retro fabrics, furnishings, designs, color patterns etc right now. But I don’t want to come up with a design that dates me either, I’d like to brand myself and keep it for 10-20 years!

Have considered KWP together in a logo, not sure if I like it or not, maybe kw together and photography somewhere else..

I realize I am sort of a mixed mess here, I’m hoping someone can help me hone in on what I really want. Please ask any questions you have. I can provide samples to some of my favorites too.

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I don’t know how to edit the above competition so I want to explain a little more of the color schemes. I really have been feeling like a color that really resonates with me is between teal and tiffany blue, but I also love hot pink, so I’m wondering how it can be incorporated together, if at all. I know I mentioned that above but I just wanted to say that those two colors are what I would like to use in future branding, marketing pieces, etc. I want to be sure that the end product is a vector and has limitless resizability. Need to be able to use it as a brand stamp on images also. I don’t like the odd shape of my logo now, its the one on my splash page when you go to www.katrinawheeler.com. I don’t like how its so busy behind katrina wheeler, i LOVE the flower i’ve been using it alone, i actually have that vector if you can use it, i had this logo made by someone else and it just isn’t working for me, doesn’t speak to me and the brown is not sitting good with me either. I don’t know if I want the flower in the next design or not, I’d like to see what you guys come up with.

Simple logos like Apple, Target, Jessica Claire, Becker have are all ones that I are in my favorites list. I obviously want something individual but that tells you what my eye loves! :)

2010-03-02 20:07:31 UTC


Wow Ray! I just now noticed that time frame. I’ve got lots of time for this one. Holy smokes. New comp.

2010-03-05 03:07:22 UTC


I want plenty of time to develop a consistent branding. Thanks for working on these so far, I don’t really feel that any of them suits me. I want to share some things with you to better direct you, also I don’t like the KW idea it doesn’t feel like it fits either. I just purchased some branding material for marketting pieces and I want the logo to go with it, to keep consistency. Heres a link for my new branding package http://www.sarahqdesign.com/the-earthy-collection.html

Now please go to my blog and you’ll see that I’ve incorporated it into my blog already but its missing the blue color I want to go with it. Here’s the photoshop hex codes for the colors I want to use in branding:

b3d7d3 – blue turquoise color
ed367f – hot pink color
f1dea4 – gold color
483524 – dark brown accent

I will shorten it if I find the logo I need, I really have seen in the past working with designers that you can’t effectively communicate an idea and nail it within a shorter time frame. I’d love to get it done quicker so lets see what you all do :)
Also the font for the branding pieces is eurofurence light from dafont, it doesn’t HAVE to have it but has to flow with it.

good luck :)

2010-03-05 13:00:02 UTC


Hi Katrina,

I’m looking forward to creating something special for you and your identity, before I do, how set is the Marketing Package you’ve purchased, does the logo have to just drop in and work with all elements currently on there or are you open to suggestions on tweaks to what you’ve purchased. Also does this mean that the colours in the purchased material are now what you’d like in the logo or can I create complimentary colours for the logo?

Sorry for all the questions, but I’d rather be clear before I start, saving myself and you time.

Kind regards

2010-03-06 13:18:18 UTC


David, thanks for the question! Well i really do love the design of the package as is, if you have feedback and ideas that improve it I’m all ears but for now i like it as is. Let me know what your thinking in regards to that. As far as colors, if you think something else compliments it by all means show me, but i really want to try to stick with the colors I mentioned, but i will still take a look at it if you think something else looks good, does that make sense? And about the packaged marketing stuff I have, its all 100% customizable in photoshop nothing is set in stone.

2010-03-06 17:14:42 UTC



Would you mind giving me some feedback on my entries, this will help to to find which style of logo you like and I can develop more based around this.

Many thanks

2010-03-09 15:50:05 UTC


Hey Everyone, Going to go give feedback now, So sorry i’ve been away on business for a week so i’m back now and i am ready to get focused.. i’ve been so inspired and I think it will help focus this task! Thanks for the hard work!

2010-03-12 19:55:05 UTC


Hey Katrina

Would be great to get some feedback on the logo I submitted.


2010-03-16 23:16:47 UTC


I would love to see more ideas and designs, is anyone out there?

2010-03-25 20:00:12 UTC


Moved close date to 15th April at request of the client.

2010-04-06 05:48:56 UTC


Would love to see some final attempts before the competition closes. I like the heart ideas, fusing the letters together those are two ideals that I’ve loved so far. Not sure that im exactly where I want w/ any of them but close on a few. Please keep on pushing it out, only a week left! :)

2010-04-08 17:34:59 UTC


My favorites so far, not in order:

Thanks to you guys for the hard work, i have three days left i think, don’t know how i’ll choose, can’t wait to work with someone.

2010-04-11 17:49:23 UTC


I wanted to personally thank you all for working so hard on my design, It showed and I’m so grateful. Its been a fun experience and I DEFINITLY will be and have already been sending more photographer friends to logosauce for you all to compete for. Thanks again, and Jodi you are amazing, love everything about what you did! :)

2010-04-21 21:17:19 UTC


PAID (#9…….9564040P) JV

2010-04-26 21:36:03 UTC