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Doreen Schaldach Fotografie

Competition: #923
Client: Doreen Schaldach
Open: 14 March 2010
Close: 30 April 2010


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... UrbanJunky


The Brief

I am a photographer for pregnant, babies, children, families, weddings and portrait admissions, primarily baby and wedding photography.

The logo will appear and display nostalgic, classic,squiggly, recognizable and memorable. I would like to use it to photos, the homepage, in the blog, on business card, pamphlets etc, separated for baby- and wedding photography.

My treatment style and also general style is: desaturate colours, matt colours, harmony, quietly, romantically, emotionally, old and nostalgic, vintage.

My favorite motives for the logo are the moon, squiggle, swan or swans, circles or beads. But I let myself be surprised when your whole idea of what you my pictures and my initalien mind.

Perhaps the letters D and S and the company name Doreen Schaldach Fotografie should be included, but I´m not sure if I like it or not, maybe DS together and Fotografie somewhere else.

I love the colours bordeaux red, olive green and khaki green (perhaps a little bit old pink or dark pink) for the babyphotography and white and bourdeauxe for the weddingphotography. (no other colours)

For Photoshop, I need the logo in white with transparent background.

I like generally no garish colours and as motives generally NO butterflies.

My homepage is : www.doreenschaldach.de

For questions please send me an email.

Thank you for your help.

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Doreen Schaldach

Doreen Schaldach:

See if we can make from my current logo of the S a swan. I find the current lower part of the S very nice. This is a D and a moon. but above could be a swan head turn. And maybe some little thing. I like it simple and harmonious.

I have my logo as a psd file. when they need to build it into a swan, please send a mail. then I send them the psd.

2010-03-31 21:51:08 UTC
Doreen Schaldach

Doreen Schaldach:

i like the font hobo.

2010-04-06 15:27:07 UTC
Doreen Schaldach

Doreen Schaldach:

I have only one favorite. but that is not quite what I want. I’m looking for one or two romantic swans. with curls, circle, flourishes. very romantic, playful, nostalgic and yet harmonious. the white on Bourdeaux like it a lot.

2010-04-23 12:37:45 UTC
Doreen Schaldach

Doreen Schaldach:

many thanks for the sketches, but it’s nothing to it, which I like. I would like very many squiggle and circuits and one or two swans. it should be playful and romantic.

2010-04-26 04:43:40 UTC
Doreen Schaldach

Doreen Schaldach:

i have found this logo from A C : http://www.flickr.com/photos/danatitus/4509251053/in/pool-paintthemoon

I would like my logo. in the middle of two swans and squiggle around it

2010-04-27 07:46:16 UTC
Doreen Schaldach

Doreen Schaldach:

thank you for all the logos.

2010-04-30 03:42:31 UTC


Paid (#5L……037370G) JV

2010-05-23 06:55:01 UTC