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Hey Tiberius,

We really love the design! Looks awesome. Is there anyway we can see a black/white version & where the symbol is beside “Sagen Photography”?

Thanks again!

2010-06-14 20:08:48 UTC


Oh sorry, also, is there anyway possible we can get the “photography” part to POP out alittle bit more? We want this to go on the back of our cars and want the photography to be just as attention grabbing as the Sagen and logo.

2010-06-14 20:23:55 UTC
Rafal & Kate Poland

Rafal & Kate Poland:

The best one in my opinion. Composition, font, everything is on its place.

2010-06-14 21:21:23 UTC


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve uploaded the new version.

2010-06-15 14:10:09 UTC

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