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The is really nice. However, I have two concerns: the scalability of the small text and whether some will confuse how to read the logo and read it from top to bottom as ARNCLY

2011-10-12 15:05:56 UTC


Thank you. In terms of scalability for screen generally any lower than 12 point and you lose readability, and for printed matter quite often as low as 7 point is used for business cards etc with good legibility and readability. the above small text is set in 12 point but can be repositioned for higher scaling.

with the letters stacked like so Naturally we read from left to right and with the position of the forward slash this further enforces that as well as the text being set to the left in a stacked formation.. perhaps some testing on the logo from family and friends for feedback . . .

2011-10-13 19:54:08 UTC

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