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zooley's profile

Score: 0
Views: 1692
Logos: 9
Comp Wins: 0
Sold Logos: 0
Total Earnings: $0

Member: #2270
Nickname: zooley
Location: TgSec, Romania
Member Since: 15 December 2007
Job Title: DTP/prepress/large format printing
Company: DeGenT design
Website: degentd.szerverland.com
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My name is Szabo Zoltan, and i live in Transylvania.
I’m 29 years old, and with my wife AnnaMari we have a
beautiful child: Emese.

Since 1996 i have been working at different advertising
companies in PrePress, DTP, Design, large format
printing areas. I have 12 years experience in using
Adobe-Photoshop, -Illustrator, -InDesign, CorelDraw,
-Photopaint. I’m also good in vectorizing images, logo
design, image retouching and i have 1 year experience
in 3D modelling in blender, wings3d.