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Biezco (extended)

Competition: #1032
Client: biezer
Open: 19 August 2010
Close: 14 September 2010


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Santi


The Brief

Biezco is a new company operating in the construction and building supply industry.

We want to enter this market with a unique concept that will separate us from all the other construction and building supply companies. It would be very nice if the logo is also unique and can portray our concept.

We want to use the logo as the starting point in developing the corporate identity of the company, everything we develop will be based or related to the logo in some way if possible. The main objectives for the logo is to brand the image of the company, to differentiate our company from the competitors, increase and develop awareness in our target market and the logo should influence the Biezco visual and verbal communications.

Biezco is targeted at Architects, builders, building supply companies (wholesalers, distributors), and the do it yourself building market. This target market is generally made up of the male population with some kind of building experience. Biezco needs to enter this market as a “green” company although we do not like using the term green, our products and services are focussed on providing environmentally conscience products and building practices. This is a rapidly growing market however we do not want to look like the 100’s of so called green companies out there, we want to be different but still give the impression that we are caring about the worlds environment. We feel that this green trend has caused some damage to our target market due to companies taking advantage of this trend. This is why we want our target market to think of Biezco as a green company but yet different then all the others.

Biezco will be offering some unique building products where some will be produced by us and others will only be distributed by us. The logo will also be used as part of the packaging on our products and used in the marketing of these products. These products will be marketed and sold with their own name but as Biezco product using the Biezco logo. This creates some difficulties in the design because the logo will need to be versatile and flexible enough to be used with different product names. We do not want to use a different logo for every product. Our products will be used in the energy and efficiency building sector, environmentally safe building products, and in the specialty building product market.

If possible the logo should contain the following elements:

  1. when required the logo should be able to stand alone without the use of the name Biezco
  2. utilize an image/design that people can connect or relate to such as animals; we had the idea to use the green tree frog as part of the branding but not sure if this will work in the logo.
  3. maximum three colors unless you have a sure winner that will require more colors.
  4. needs to be clear and visible in both color and black/white
  5. needs to have the ability to be printed very large such as on vehicles, and should be simple and easy to reproduce across a variety of media and applications. It is going to appear on anything from office stationery and business cards, to promotional supplies like pens, name tags, uniforms, customer giveaways, trade show materials, etc…
  6. needs to be simple enough that people will remember it.
  7. we are also open to your creative abilities
  8. The tag line" Building Solutions " can also be included with the logo
  9. The logo needs to have the ability to be printed on a black background
  10. We like the font type " Good Times " if this fits with your design

We look forward to your ideas, and thank you in advance.

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Biezco would like to add to the logo description the following:
1.The tag line" Building Solutions " can also be included with the logo
2. The logo needs to have the ability to be printed on a black background
3. we like the font type " Good Times " if this fits with your design

2010-08-19 10:52:40 UTC


Close date extended 7 days on behalf of client.

2010-08-29 22:17:09 UTC


We would like to thank everyone who submitted a logo(s) many of the logos are very good but we have not yet found something that will work for us. We need something very quickly now and I hope with the following brief we you can design something that will work. In addition to the main description detail and based on the logo entries so far we can add the following: 1. as stated in the main description brief we want the logo to be unique as possible, this means we should try to stay away from the use of the green leaf and/or house/building. Although there are some beautiful designs submitted with these elements they are not unique. 2. If possible we would like the logo to appeal to the male audience but still be accepted by the smaller female audience in this market. 3. We prefer to stay away from abstract designs that have no relevance to our business. 4. A logo that can connect to our audience and more importantly connect to the human spirit or emotions is always good but can be very difficult to incorporate into a logo in the building industry. 5. Try to keep the logo as corporate as possible, keep it simple using 2 or 3 main colors like blue, green, black, red etc. 6. The logo should also have the capability to stand alone, for example the ideal situation would be for a client to be proud to wear one of our shirts or caps or something with only the logo on it, the logo should be marketable like a designer clothing label – as an example.
I hope this helps, and I know I am asking alot but this is as you know very important for any business. From this logo the rest of the branding for the company also needs to be developed. Good Luck and again we thank you very much for the work you have put into this. Best regards, Todd

2010-08-30 22:10:44 UTC


Any new news? When is the client choosing a winner?

2010-10-01 17:22:31 UTC


Doubt it’s going to happen. A contest extension is the first sign the chances of a winner being chosen is remote… With all due respect to the contest holder, he was looking for a million dollar logo for $200…. Was never gonna happen.

2010-10-02 21:00:13 UTC


Paid (8M…..D5668139) JV

2010-10-14 02:10:52 UTC