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Competition: #1036
Client: chrisKphoto
Open: 01 September 2010
Close: 14 September 2010


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

I’ve tried numerous times to design my own logo and it’s time to hand it to the pro’s.

I am a younger (25) photographer with a different approach and style. Looking for a simpler logo to go on photo’s yet stylish enough to represent my image.

I would like something that integrates the website name into the logo i.e. : Instead of Chris K. Photography I would like the logo to be Chris K. Photo …. or if it is Chris K. Photography have the website somewhere in the logo.

Multiple logo’s would be fine as well (one for photo’s and one for business letterhead and business cards).

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Wow. Hardcore photography :)

2010-09-03 11:31:28 UTC


My primary focus in photography is Portraiture/Fashion. I need a logo that relay’s my style. Please look at my website to get a better feel for the look I’m going for. There’s a lot of really good examples in this competition so far! I have commented on those that I feel are going in the right direction. Thank you all very much!

2010-09-03 19:23:34 UTC


The new renditions that people are releasing are looking a lot more on target. Great work!

2010-09-03 21:03:44 UTC


Here are some samples I found that I like

2010-09-04 21:51:16 UTC


The below image shows the useable space I have on my website to put my logo. I would need one presentable logo to be no larger than 1000 × 150 pixels for the below seen space. The website was redone roughly 3 days ago, so for those that have not seen it please take a minute to check it out. Great work so far on those that have taken my ideas and tried to integrate them. All of your work is fantastic; it’s just trying to find that one design that reflects my image. Thanks!

From Drop Box

2010-09-05 20:16:15 UTC


Those that are building the logo into the site I greatly appreciate but please note the ONLY space I have available is directly above the images on the main page. Please see my post below for details. Where you are currently putting the logo is space for menu’s only. Thanks!

2010-09-06 17:36:48 UTC


It seems that the logo’s are straying a little farther away from what I am looking for. Please check the comments on those that I have commented on. Attached is a logo of Calven Klein…for those who don’t know what it looks like. I do not want something that looks remotely similar to this.

2010-09-11 04:07:17 UTC


Paid (#7……F195421W) JV

2010-09-23 22:22:09 UTC