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Geaux Resources

Competition: #1054
Client: sewitt
Open: 04 October 2010
Close: 15 October 2010


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... bala


The Brief

Seeking image /Logo to establish brand ID for new company.

We want a logo that can be incorporated into all our corporate ID. In business cards, letterhead, event marketing products as well as equipment and vehicle identification. Needs to be able to incorporate into web design.

Marketing target varies but will field US and International markets.

Company is called Geaux Resources. It is involved in natural, flex and alternative energies, water, mining (stone, sand, metals).

Would prefer a single letter, green, as the centerpiece,(visual as something layered with perhaps a white center with either a black or dark gray back layer. Under the “G”, Geaux

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On October 3rd I initiated this competition and I am so impressed by the scale of talent that everyone has contributed thus far. I wanted to thank everyone for putting my vision into an image. Keep up the great work and again, thanks so much.

2010-10-09 20:48:45 UTC


I want to thank everyone for their creativity and input. While several were my favorite, the rule is I have to pick one. Bala, you seemed to capture my thought process and take it one step further. Santi, you made it really hard to pick and thank you for giving me an incredible design. Ryu, epsolong, Flanker Marcus and Ariel all I can say is WOW.. what talent here. My IT recommended this site and I have two other logos I will be posting in the coming days. Thanks again. great talent. Stephen

2010-10-15 01:47:16 UTC


Paid (#90…..D228360A) JV

2010-11-01 23:03:29 UTC