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Samantha Andrews

Competition: #1203
Client: samib13
Open: 28 April 2011
Close: 09 May 2011


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... elaes


The Brief

I’m branching out into commercial & product photography which will be under Samantha Andrews.

I want a logo that is modern, stylish & sleek. I quite like the idea of playing with black, white & lime green but open to other suggestions. I also really like the font used in the RZ logo of Rachel Zoe. I’m thinking a pointier, simpler font rather than anything fancy.

Open to any suggestions but have been toying with a type logo rather than an emblem. Possibly playing with the SA.

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Please nothing cliche like cameras, film roll etc. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up :-)

2011-04-28 23:57:08 UTC


Just a note it doesn’t need to contain “photography”. I’ll post some logos that I love shortly to help convey what I like. Thank you for all the entries so far.

2011-04-29 22:16:15 UTC



2011-04-29 22:57:59 UTC


Thanks for all the entries so far. Keep them coming :-)

2011-05-01 23:34:57 UTC


Why keep them coming, it seems to me you have made a choice already.

2011-05-02 12:35:49 UTC


Hi Talien, I have not made my choice already. I do have some of the entries that I like more than others but I’m still waiting for one to blow me away.

2011-05-02 21:30:22 UTC


Thank You so much Miss Samantha, May success always be with you!! :)
regards, elaes.

2011-05-09 03:59:41 UTC


PAID (# 2A……V815714N) JV

2011-05-17 23:17:01 UTC