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Best Logo In The World Competition

Competition: #4
Client: Digger
Open: 05 December 2006
Close: 31 January 2008

This competition has been forfeited.


Guaranteed Prizemoney

The Brief

Are you a logo design superstar?

Hey there designer. Think you’ve got the stuff to be the worlds best?

Here’s your chance for fame and fortune.

Submit a design – your very best – and we’ll let the community rate it.

The Reward: The best logos will be featured in a printed book, magazine or poster (depending on number of entries). The top 10 entries will receive the (book, magazine or poster) for free – featuring of course their own work and the work of countless others.

For everyone else the book will be available in print for a reasonable price OR downloadable as a PDF for free.

Make sure you upload an image that is at least 640 × 480pixels – for print this will result in a 5×4cm size logo at 300dpi – which is acceptable. Logosauce may at some point request a vector logo (or larger image) for reproduction.

Good luck.

Note there is NO CASH prize for this competition – the reward is as above. The $100 shown is abecause we have a minimum value requirement.

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143 logos added. But we need a lot more guys and gals. If you want to get your designs or name in a logo book here’s your chance. Upload your best work. Go on … go for it.

2007-07-31 23:26:49 UTC


Com’ on guys let’s support this competition, Digger need more quality logos here.

2007-11-08 11:58:01 UTC


approximately how long will it take to choose a winner?

2007-12-15 02:36:31 UTC
Mrs. No.18

Mrs. No.18:

yea I don’t like uploading twice, you can check out my profile for my logos =o)

2007-12-23 18:14:22 UTC


Have you thought about offering a full page to each designer?

Don’t go nuts. Maybe $200USD gives a designer their own page with the option to add web/contact details.

Create a page template – so that the ‘designers’ dont make a real mess of it.
This would help with the costs in producing the book – and make you a tidy little profit.
500 designers @ $200 each – very nice!
I’d have a page!

2008-01-21 06:56:38 UTC
Chris Heath

Chris Heath:

I am still dubious about the community rating process. Quite often I will display an entry because it is too small to see or too small to read as a thumbnail. When displayed, this automatically contributes to the logo’s score, even though it may not be my intention to award any points at this time. Whereas, some logos that are OK and big enough to see as a thumbnail image may never get another look in (because there are so many). I suspect that other peoples’ behaviour is similar and this skews the scoring.

Also how do invisible entries clock up a score when there is nothing to see when the page is displayed?

Perhaps scores should only be awarded by a viewer’s conscious effort to rate the logo? At present, the score is largely affected by the number of views and any conscious effort to rate the logo can seem like a waste of time because the score is usually overwhelmed by the views used to calculate it.

I think any community scoring/rating system should be completely independent of the number of views. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to make the effort to rate a logo. At present we are inadvertently contributing to a logo’s score before seeing it properly — simply by clicking on its thumbnail.

2008-01-31 08:37:31 UTC


Did you get enough material to work with here Digger? If not, will you put the contest back up again?

2008-02-02 10:07:34 UTC


Digger, I specialize in publication layout if you’re interested.

2008-02-07 01:05:34 UTC


Interesting idea – we could provide a web form/page template where designers could place their best logos, their avatar and a short profile. For the cost of a page the designer also gets a hard copy of the book.

I’m also wondering whether we could do pages featuring competitions and show the winning design and other designs – could be interesting for readers.

2008-02-18 21:49:30 UTC
Mrs. No.18

Mrs. No.18:

i’m with Rezolution, so count me in if ur selling a page.

@digger: yea i like the comp page, gonna be great

2008-02-23 14:00:52 UTC


has this book been published yet?

2008-07-22 22:27:27 UTC
Mrs. No.18

Mrs. No.18:


2009-01-20 13:07:43 UTC


Did nothing ever happen with this?

2009-07-21 16:10:35 UTC

So what do you think?

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