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Thomas Brown

Competition: #580
Client: Da Da
Open: 22 March 2009
Close: 03 April 2009


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... EstweenOnFire


The Brief

I would like a sketch of a dragon to compliment my tag line below.

I am not looking for a fire breathing dragon, rather a graphic that denotes the power and strength of the of this magnificent beast. An energy to be respected rather than feared. I coach using the mythic archetypes of the Hero’s Journey. At the end of each myth story, the dragon must be slain or somehow transformed in order to rescue the maiden or recover the golden fleece. In contemporary times to achieve the goals we set for ourselves requires that we make peace with the dragon (inside of us) – run with the dragon not from it.

Thomas Brown
Running with Dragons

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Da Da

Da Da:

In ancient times the dragon was revered as a benevolent protector of the weak from the aggressor. With the arrival of Christianity, the dragon was re-cast as evil, something to be feared and destroyed. One of the oldest cultures on the planet, China, has the dragon as its national symbol and to a people China believes the dragon to be a protector that embodies good fortune and should be honored/revered. I want to encourage people to play with dragons, consort and hang out with other dragons, to embrace/love the dragon. What might that look like as a graphic?

2009-03-25 20:25:20 UTC


Any feedback?

2009-03-30 13:27:44 UTC


Congrats EstweenPower

2009-04-03 02:12:00 UTC


Absolutely not that I begrudge EstweenPower his win, but I really thought the competition holder wanted something even more graphic and simplified… Well, I obviously misunderstood the brief. :)

2009-04-03 07:55:42 UTC


congra EstweenPower i like your artwork so much, good continuation

2009-04-04 10:15:04 UTC


thanks guys

2009-04-25 23:44:35 UTC


Paid ( #…R018121F )

2009-05-20 02:26:12 UTC